over 50 galleries in wales participate in the collectorplan scheme which assists uk residents to buy original works of art by living artists


interest-free* credit loans start at £50 and run to a maximum of £5,000


you only need to pay a 10% deposit upfront

the collectorplan loan is repaid in monthly instalments by direct debit

the maximum period for repaying a collectorplan loan is 12 months

the minimum monthly repayment is £10

loans are available to uk residents aged 18 or over with a bank or building society account capable of operating direct debits

a collectorplan loan is normally approved in 7-10 days


purchasing through the arts council of wales' collectorplan scheme requires a uk bank account. forms are sent electronically + require physical signature before returning via post to the gallery's office. the forms are processed by the arts council of wales + subject to approval. once confirmed, you will receive confirmation in writing from the arts council + simultaneously, the gallery will receive notification. artwork purchased through collectorplan will be despatched on receipt of approval notification