sarah ball, untitled

sarah ball, untitled

from 575.00

untitled, 2018

polymer etching [ed of 25]

paper size: 30 x 23cm

image size: 18 x 12cm

published by Paupers Press

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sarah ball's most recent works are intricate and diminutive painted portraits taken from various photographic archives. in their distinct iterations and across decades, each archive delves into ideas surrounding 19th century physiognomy - which was a widely explored + believed notion that there was a connection between an individual’s outward appearance and their inner character - in essence good people ‘looked good’ + bad people ‘looked bad’. this research progressed to include alphone bertillon’s identification system. bertillon was a french police officer + biometrics researcher who applied the anthropological technique of anthropometry to law enforcement, creating an identification system based on physical measurements. explorations of ball's research based approach to her find  her subjects has led to bodies of work dealing with police 'mugshots', immigrants traveling through ellis island + mid 20th century romanian portraits. the newest works push the bertillon system by collating several different sources that "ask" the viewer for a response



sarah ball, untitled [framed]



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