PUBLIC VIEW: 02 JUNE 2019 14.00 - 17.00

DATES: 03 JUNE - 07 JULY 2019

PUBLIC VIEW : 02 JUNE 2019 14.00 - 17.00

DATES : 03 june - 07 july 2019

VENUE : 143 donald street cardiff cf24 4tp [map]

OPEN : monday - sunday by appointment | +44 | (0)2920 600 495

TEN is pleased to present till we have faces, a 2-person exhibition of new figurative sculpture, paintings + prints

till we have faces welcomes sarah ball to the gallery’s stable of represented artists

ball asserts but also tests the notion that we all somehow ‘fit' together, bound by a kindred connection that makes us human



sarah ball's most recent works are intricate and diminutive painted portraits taken from various photographic archives. in their distinct iterations and across decades, each archive delves into ideas surrounding 19th century physiognomy - which was a widely explored + believed notion that there was a connection between an individual’s outward appearance and their inner character - in essence good people ‘looked good’ + bad people ‘looked bad’. this research progressed to include alphone bertillon’s identification system. bertillon was a french police officer + biometrics researcher who applied the anthropological technique of anthropometry to law enforcement, creating an identification system based on physical measurements. explorations of ball's research based approach to her find  her subjects has led to bodies of work dealing with police 'mugshots', immigrants traveling through ellis island + mid 20th century romanian portraits. the newest works push the bertillon system by collating several different sources that "ask" the viewer for a response

sarah ball grew up in south yorkshire, england + studied at newport art college, wales. after working in london throughout the late 80's + 90's, she returned to wales to concentrate solely on painting + completed an mfa at bath spa university in 2005

acclaim for sarah ball continues to grow with paintings included in the royal academy of arts, london summer show in 2013, 2016 + 2018. ball was also awarded welsh artist of the year in 2013 after having been shortlisted in 2007 and 2009. sarah ball has been shortlisted for the threadneedle prize in 2009, 2016, 2016 + 2018. additional recent exhibitions include:  REALLY?, wilding cran gallery, los angeles, ca, curated by beth rudin dewoody, 2017; anima-mundi, st. ives, uk, 2017 [solo]; house of st barnabas, london, uk 2016 [solo]; tremenheere sculpture gardens, cornwall, 2015 [solo]   

her work revels in the rawness of life and feeling in a very dramatic way and always unafraid of its visceral reality


award winning artist natalia dias graduated with a 1st class hons degree from cardiff school of art + design in 2009

upon which she was awarded the graduate residency at fireworks clay studios in cardiff where she now practices as a professional artist. in 2007 dias won 1st prize for ceramic and glass at the wellcome trust competition design4science, in 2010 dias won the gold medal for craft + design at the national eisteddfod of wales

“Growing up in Portugal, the church interior was a substitution for the art gallery. The forms, colours, emotions and symbolism found inside those spaces have always been an underlying influence within my work and how it is displayed. Like pre-Raphaelite imagery and much of Greek and Celtic Mythology my classically rooted sculptures centre on the female figure combined with nature. I explore the female as warrior, a figure exuding power and confidence, adapting to an environment in constant flux, metamorphosing between human, plant and beast. I work with narratives from the past that are linked with environmental themes of the present. My fascination with naturally occurring geometric phenomena of repetitive growth patterns in plants and crystals is reflected in the symmetry of line and form that is often found enveloping my figures.

Influenced by Japanese craft discipline the values that underpin my practice are patience, material knowledge and highly skilled craft. I use a variation of slip cast and hand building to create clay collages formed by multiple cast forms, which are fired multiple times to achieve the depth of glaze required for the work. The glazes refer to my own cultural heritage of Palissy ware from Portugal.

My work revels in the rawness of life. Unafraid of its pathos, I aim to merge the characteristics of the human condition with nature’s contemplative and immersive beauty.

“It is a stone and not a stone, in this lies the art alone: nature has made it so, though not to perfection brought; its like will not on earth be found, it grows in mountain and in ground, materiam primam ought on to call it: He is wise, if he knows it." -  this is an extract from a book on alchemy - the philosophers stone - a scientific/mathematical, philosophical and spiritual search for the source of harmony and enlightenment - the "full comprehension of a situation"

Interested in this subject, the human condition and the beauty of nature itself and fascinated by the endless possibilities that clay as a material has to offer I find that ones meaning and the others materiality lend themselves beautifully to each other, strengthening my exploration of subject and mater with meaning and the joy of making“