sarah poland, nocturnalia 9

sarah poland, nocturnalia 9

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sarah poland

nocturnalia 9, 2015

ink, gouache, gesso, graphite dust + acrylic

40 x 20cm

41 x 21 framed in perspex





sarah poland was born in inverness in 1974 and graduated with a ba [hons] from edinburgh college of art before completing a mfa at aberystwyth school of art in 2015.

her recent work - a series of paintings, lithographs and drawings entitled the intimacy of liminal spaces - is inspired by her years living off-grid in an eighty-acre welsh oak woodland. poland's practice is very much about the materiality of paint and the act of painting. in painting she seeks something of the immediacy of drawing: its explosiveness, brevity, rawness and also a type of mark-making that is not consciously directed and informs both the beginning and the final stages of making an image. paintings can be weighty, at the same time possessed with a lightness of spirit – both of which are inescapably a part of nature. she believes that nature and landscape can be a metaphor for human experience and that this can help to create a depth of perception




sarah poland, nocturnalia 9


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