sophie southgate, mushroom || acid

sophie southgate, mushroom || acid


mushroom || acid, 2016

earthenware + porcelain

10 x 20 x 20cm


request to see this artwork insitu at our viewing space in cardiff


sophie southgate creates bespoke handcrafted ceramic sculptures for the home. every one of these affordable-luxury ornamental objects  is unique, taking days to refine and finish to the highest standard. now based in orpington kent, working with clay and plaster has become integral to her way of life

sophie’s practice is an on-going exploration of the object and the vessel, in both the contexts of sculpture and functional ceramics. her work moves between the boundaries of art and design, challenging our preconceptions and understanding of contemporary ceramics. she takes inspiration from the landscape, paring it back to abstract interpretations of space through basic geometric forms. she utilises colour and negative space to engage the audience and play with perception. her work is ambiguous in nature and open to interpretation, raising questions about material and process





sophie southgate, mushroom || acid

price £360; deposit £36; remaining £324 over 12 months at £27/month  |  029 2060 0495