molly goldwater, top and tail

molly goldwater, top and tail


top + tail, 2016

screenprint + mono print on paper

76 x 56cm

94 x 74cm framed

sold out



molly goldwater is a painter + printmaker from cardiff. having studied her foundation degree in art + design and BA painting at camberwell college of art, london [2008-12], goldwater gained a masters degree in multidisciplinary printmaking from UWE bristol yn 2015

goldwater had her first solo exhibition at the gallery 'all in between' at the gallery in 2014 which showcased her aesthetic of bold, screenprinted colour overlapped with monochrome print + hand- drawn line. goldwater’s work is one of contrasts in both medium + method. the application of cut-outs + loose mark- making celebrate the immediacy of her practice, while the timely construction of form through printed layers sit in-line with traditional printmaking. hinting at the naive, abstract forms of mid-twentieth century british printmakers, goldwater stresses the different qualities achieved through mixing processes